Medical Cost Containment Strategies for Captives

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Recording Date: Wednesday September 19, 2018


In the first of our two part series on Medical Stop Loss in Captives we looked at the current trends, program structures and ERISA considerations in insuring medical stop loss in a captive. In this webinar we look at what can be done to control the costs of medical treatment and ensure that this is a successful line of coverage to be written by a captive. Join us as we discuss:

Join us as we discuss:

  • An overview of available cost containment strategies. What is most prevalent, how effective are these techniques, recent developments.
  • Achieving better outcomes and lower cost: what the data says.
  • Medical case management strategies.
  • Working within existing networks to achieve immediate results.
  • How do you incentivize employees? What to expect?

The webinar is suitable for any employers, consultants, brokers and insurance industry professionals involved with or considering the use of captives to insure medical stop loss. 


Dave Terry, CEO and co-founder, Archway Health. Dave is a thought leader and frequent speaker on payment reform and care and risk management initiatives. Throughout his 25-year-career in healthcare he has led innovative programs focused on improving care and reducing costs in partnership with all types of providers along the care continuum.

Deborah Ault, President, Ault International Medical Management. Deb has been the builder of successful medical management programs since 1996. She has pioneered the use of patient-centric care and medical management to improve health care quality for patients and control the claims costs of self-funded medical health plans. Deb is a sought after speaker and a passionate advocate of the use of evidence-based clinical practice standards.

Wendy Dine, Associate Director and Employee Benefits Practice Group Leader is the moderator for this webinar.

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