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Building a People-First Culture

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At SRS, our values reflect a deep commitment to being people-focused—embracing our clients and team members. This approach is central to our mission, fostering an environment where excellence, collaboration, innovation, and integrity thrive.

Our values guide us in delivering exceptional service, nurturing professional growth, and building meaningful relationships. They shape our interactions, drive our success, and define our culture, guaranteeing that we are always people-first in everything we do at SRS.


At SRS, excellence is about more than the quality of our services. It’s about the people who deliver them.

It's reflected in our commitment to employees’ professional growth and well-being. We foster an environment where staff are encouraged to strive for high standards and feel valued and supported.

This pursuit of excellence empowers our employees to deliver the best possible service, leading to personal satisfaction and career success. As a result, we exceed client expectations with stronger relationships and better outcomes.


Collaboration is a core value that drives our success. We believe in the power of learning from one another and working together to achieve common goals.

This collaborative spirit fosters a supportive environment where we share ideas and value diverse perspectives. It allows us to combine our strengths to innovate and provide superior solutions for our clients, enhancing our service quality and workplace dynamics.

We ensure everyone’s voice is heard and valued, leading to more inclusive and effective decision-making. This approach enhances our workplace and directly benefits our clients, allowing us to understand and meet their needs more effectively.


Our people’s creativity and ingenuity drive innovation at SRS. We actively cultivate an environment where novel ideas and approaches are integral to our growth and development.

This focus on innovation empowers our team to develop unique solutions for our clients and address complex challenges in the insurance market.

It also fosters continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. We’re always ready to meet the evolving needs of our clients with cutting-edge solutions.


Integrity is the foundation of our relationships with clients and colleagues. At SRS, we prioritize honest and ethical practices, which fosters a culture of trust and respect.

This commitment to integrity guarantees we act in the best interest of our team and our team acts in the best interests of our clients. Doing so builds lasting partnerships, internally and externally, based on mutual trust and understanding.

This unwavering integrity upholds our reputation in the industry. Our clients and employees can always rely on us and each other for transparency.

Our dedication to these core values naturally extends into enhancing our community; advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; and bolstering our environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Every year, we reach out to our clients to understand their satisfaction levels and areas where we can improve.

We conducted our 2022 survey in January 2023, which you can view HERE. As part of our commitment to being a trusted partner, we publish these results for the benefit of current and future clients.

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