SRS Bermuda & Caribbean

Barbados Port SRS Captive Insurance

SRS Barbados

SRS Barbados manages captives, and other international businesses domiciled in Barbados.

We entered the Barbados market in 2017 by acquiring CGE Group, a leading independent management company that has operated in Barbados since 2003.

Bermuda shoreline SRS Captive Insurance

SRS Bermuda

SRS Bermuda has been managing captives and several commercial reinsurers domiciled in Bermuda for over 20 years with a continuous physical presence. In 2020, we expanded our operations by acquiring another leading independent manager headquartered in Bermuda.
cayman islands beach

SRS Cayman

SRS has been managing captives in Cayman with a physical presence in the domicile since 2003. We are currently the largest manager in Cayman.
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