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Financial Risk Management is Complicated

When unexpected events emerge, they not only disrupt established risk management strategies but can also lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, operational disruptions, and missed opportunities.

Many organizations rely heavily on traditional insurance to mitigate financial risks which are often not enough and lack the adequate support and personalization needed to address unique and diverse needs. Additional alternative solutions, like captive insurance, offer great flexibility, but can be complicated and require the guidance and expertise of a trusted, reliable partner.

We Empower Businesses to Control and Leverage Risk

We are captive insurance experts.
Captives provide organizations with tailored and flexible coverage to mitigate risks, minimize surprises and help them gain more control over claims and costs.

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We Make the Complex Easy

with 25 Years of Trusted Partnerships and a Reputation Beyond Compare

We're the world's largest independent insurance company manager, and we know captives. Our sole focus is collaborating with our clients to build successful insurance companies.

Our high-touch collaboration, quick response to client needs, and long-term relationship model ensure our clients feel prioritized and supported.

With a fierce dedication to client success and our robust experience in the global captive insurance industry, we ensure our clients effectively manage risk and optimize cost-saving opportunities.

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 Very intelligent managers/directors that offer a lot of support. Also very quick to respond to questions and provide technical information/advice.”
Austin Berliner 
Assistant General Counsel, Risk Management & Chief Real Estate Counsel, C&J


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SRS Celebrates 20 Years

Hear from SRS President and CEO Brady Young on what it means to him to be celebrating SRS’ 20th Anniversary this year.
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Here’s how it works

Have a Captive?
If you already have captive insurance and lack the support you deserve, let us help!
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Assess Feasibility
We'll analyze your risk profile, financial stability, and long-term objectives to determine if a captive solution aligns with your unique needs.
Set Up Your Captive
Our experts will guide you through the intricate process of establishing your captive insurance company. We'll manage legal and regulatory compliance, financial structuring, and tailor the captive's framework to precisely fit your specific risk exposures.
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Control & Leverage Risk
Once your captive is established, we'll continue to support you through unparalleled management and advice so you can not only control, but leverage risks.

Is Captive Insurance Right for Your Business?

There are a few things to think about when identifying whether a captive is right for your business. Watch this quick video and then reach out to us to talk about the unique solutions that a captive could provide to your business challenges.
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SRS Captive Insurance team

Elevate Your Risk Management Game

and Leverage Risk as a Strategic Advantage for Your Business
Managing risk at a large organization is a complex task. SRS offers alternative insurance solutions with unparalleled management and advice to help not only control, but leverage risk. Build a better future with better insurance.
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