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SRS South America represents a dynamic and growing segment of our global operations, focused on addressing the unique needs of the Latin American captive insurance market.

The industry continues to grow as countries in this region advance in business solutions, particularly in risk management and captives. We closely monitor this region to stay at the forefront of its evolving industry.
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We have witnessed a steady growth in captives owned by parent companies from key countries, each demonstrating a commitment to sophisticated risk management strategies:
• Mexico
• Colombia
• Peru
• Brazil
• Chile
Our focus is on leveraging regional expertise to provide tailored solutions
that resonate with the changing needs of the Latin American market.
Our Dedicated Team
Recognizing the importance of cultural and linguistic alignment, we have established a specialized team to serve the Latin American region.

This team comprises Spanish-speaking professionals who possess deep insights into the local business culture. Our team members are qualified accountants with extensive experience in captive insurance.

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