About SRS

About SRS

SRS has been providing management and consulting services to the insurance and alternative risk financing industry for the past 25+ years. The company has built an industry leading position in the US and offshore captive insurance market providing services to single parent captive, cell captives, group captive and risk retention groups. In recent years, the company has expanded its scope of operations to European domiciles and the provision of services to commercial insurance and reinsurance companies, ILS vehicles and investment funds.

SRS is differentiated by its key values of trust, quality, innovation, independence and expertise.


At SRS, insurance management is not about keeping your books and records, it is about keeping your trust. For 25+ years we strive to be a trusted partner for our clients. We do this by consistently delivering quality services and exceeding expectations. We have developed processes audited under SSAE18 for our insurance management services. Our independent ownership structure has enabled us to work with other partners throughout the insurance industry respecting and supporting their relationships with our mutual clients.


SRS is the first insurance manager to complete SSAE 18 reviews on its insurance management services across all domiciles. We are committed to maintaining and improving our control environment with the ongoing use of SSAE 18 reviews and the implementation of other total quality management initiatives.


We combine high quality insurance management services with consulting services to help our clients succeed. Our technical and analytical services provide support to our clients’ own underwriting resources. Our strategic advisory services help clients with expansion and capital optimization. SRS has a history of innovation. We are a leader in the creative design and use of commercial market and alternative market insurance structures.


We are majority owned by our senior management. In providing insurance management services, we are independent from broker-control and decision bias. With no ownership in the insurance distribution chain, we provide objective advice and management services driven purely by the best interests of our clients. As a private employee-owned firm we are independent of public shareholder and financing influence, allowing us to put our clients first.

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