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Expert Risk Management to Meet Your Business's Unique Needs

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Are you questioning the strategic direction of your current captive?

Captive insurance can be a powerful tool for risk management and financial efficiency.
It’s essential to ensure your captive is fully aligned with your business’s unique challenges and goals. If you are:
  • Self-Managing Your Captive: Are you confident navigating complex risk management landscapes while aligning your captive's strategy with your business's evolving needs?
  • An Existing Partner: Are you leveraging our full spectrum of strategic insights and services?
  • Transferring Captive Management: Are you seeking a partnership that brings deeper insights and a more tailored approach?
Your captive should be a proactive solution, not just an insurance formality.

It must effectively address your business's balance sheet's unique financial and risk-related challenges to positively contribute to your bottom line.
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At SRS, we empower businesses to control and leverage risk through alternative insurance solutions with unparalleled advice and management.
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25 Years of Global Captive Management

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Our presence spans across the globe, with locations in North America, South America, Europe, and international islands. We can effectively manage your captive, no matter its location.

Domicile-Neutral Approach

Every business has unique needs. That's why we adopt a domicile-neutral approach, offering you the flexibility to manage your captive in any leading onshore or offshore domicile.

Customized Partnership Model

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges. Our commitment is to implement practical and sustainable solutions effectively, delivering real value to your business.

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Combining Management and Consulting Expertise

By combining high-quality captive management services with strong consulting support, you get more than just day-to-day management. You get strategic advice and tailored support.

Elevate Your 
Captive Experience

In Three Steps
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  1. Schedule a Consultation

    During our conversations, we’ll delve deep into your current captive management situation, identifying what’s working and what isn’t. Set the stage for a tailored solution with a thorough and efficient evaluation.

  2. Experience a Seamless Transfer

    Transition smoothly with our streamlined process. We handle the complexities so every detail is managed with precision and care. Our goal is to make this transition as effortless for you as possible.

  3. Have Exceptional Outcomes

    Witness the exceptional outcomes of our collaboration. With expert management and a personalized approach, the results will exceed your expectations. Your success reflects our commitment to unparalleled captive management.

Our Services

Captive Consulting
Get personalized, ongoing consulting services on your account from our dedicated team of consultants.

Enjoy direct access to expert advice and tailored solutions, ensuring your captive insurance continuously aligns with and supports your business goals.
Comprehensive Feasibility Consulting
Receive expert evaluations and thorough pre-feasibility assessments. We’ll develop loss projections with actuaries and offer detailed analyses, including:

• Premium development
• Program design
• Cost-benefit analysis
• Domicile comparison
• Financial pro formas

Our commitment extends to business plan development, capital, and collateral assessment, including negotiations with fronting companies and helping identify and select service providers.

Ongoing Expert Support
With SRS as your insurance company manager, you benefit from continuous support tailored to your captive’s growth and development with services such as:

• Annual premium development
• Collateral estimation and negotiation
• Policy wording drafting
• New member underwriting for group captives and RRGs

You’ll also get strategic analysis for new coverage lines, re-domiciling, and restructuring, keeping your captive responsive to changing business landscapes.

Captive Management
Get the best of both worlds: the depth and consistency of a global leader in captive management, paired with the personalized, on-the-ground execution from our network of local offices.

Each office is staffed with top-tier captive professionals, guaranteeing you receive expert management that’s specifically tailored to the unique needs of your region and business sector.

Our operations are strategically organized to prioritize regional strengths while maintaining local staffing. You benefit from a globally informed and locally adept service.

View our locations:
North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope Caribbean
Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Receive international top-tier governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services from SRS. No matter where your business operates, you can access the best in the field.

Our GRC services include:
• Regulatory compliance
• Internal audits
• Independent governance reviews
• Board effectiveness guidance and training
• Company secretary services
• Independent directorships

Each service is tailored to meet your captive’s specific needs and effectively support your business’s goals and strategies.

Captive 360°
Maximize your captive’s potential with SRS’s Captive 360°, a unique approach to strategic planning.

This service provides the tools and insights to extract more value from your captive's operations.

Key Benefits of Captive 360°:
• Expert Analysis: Analyze your captive's operations, identifying key opportunities for enhanced value with our seasoned facilitators.
• Focused Action Plan: Receive a clear, actionable plan within 30-45 days, crafted using our proprietary tools, designed for immediate impact.
• Time-Efficient Sessions: Your time is valuable. Optimize for maximum efficiency and effectiveness with five structured sessions.
• Accountable Implementation: Initiatives are assigned leaders for focused execution, ensuring measurable progress.
• Quantifiable ROI: Track the success of implemented actions with clear ROI metrics.

Captive 360° is a positive disruptor to help you get more out of your captive, regardless of type.
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Medical Stop Loss
Writing medical stop-loss coverage in a captive is a growing solution for large companies and small to mid-size employers.

Lower fixed expenses and retain underwriting profits that typically go to the carrier.

By integrating Medical Stop Loss into your captive, you can effectively reduce your overall costs year-over-year. Turn a traditional expense into an opportunity for savings and profit retention.
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Secure Your Captive’s Future

The quality of management and strategic direction defines success for your captive. A misaligned captive can become a financial burden and fail to address your business's core risk-related challenges.

Don’t hinder your business’s growth potential and risk mitigation capabilities.

Get a comprehensive review and guarantee your captive addresses and anticipates the challenges on your balance sheet.
Make your captive a strategic asset.
Existing Captives
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