Collateral and Your Captive

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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Recording Date: Wednesday March 30, 2022

Understanding collateral requirements in captive insurance company structures is critical to determining capitalization needs and for many owners the viability of a captive program. In this SRS webinar, our panel of experts address questions such as why a captive can be required to post collateral, what forms of collateral are generally acceptable, how can collateral levels be managed and negotiated, and what are some options for eliminating collateral requirements in a more mature captive.

This webinar is suitable for existing captive owners and any prospective captive owner looking to better understand the collateral requirements imposed on captives.


Ray Rocchio, Senior Vice President, Underwriting, Concert Group. Ray has over 25 years’ experience in insurance underwriting, including multi-line property/casualty industry production working through managing general agencies, wholesalers, and retailers. Prior to Concert Group, he led the development and growth of Specialty Programs focusing on Captives/Fronted opportunities at Old Republic.

Mory Katz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Legacy Solutions, BMS Group. Mory is responsible for expanding and delivering BMS’s capital solutions for legacy transactions. He has over 35 years’ insurance experience in capital advisory, run-off portfolio management, private equity funding and P&L management.

Dave Tatlock, Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions. Dave oversees a portfolio of captive clients in our Vermont office and other east coast domiciles. He has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry as an auditor, captive manager and CFO for a commercial property and casualty insurance company.

Jesse Olsen, Director, Strategic Risk Solutions. Jesse is responsible for delivering the firm’s captive consulting services primarily in the central United States including conducting feasibility studies, supporting implementation, and leading our captive strategic planning practice. He has over 15 years’ experience in the risk financing and captive consulting industry.

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