Hand holding lightbulb of 2023 New Years’ Resolution: Review Your Captive

2023 New Years’ Resolution: Review Your Captive

2023 New Years’ Resolution: Review Your Captive

Our latest webinar was held on Tuesday, January 31st focusing on


2023 New Years’ Resolution: Review Your Captive

Our latest webinar was held on Tuesday, January 31st focusing on reviewing your current captive to be sure it’s running as smooth and efficient as possible. SRS Advisers and SRS client Chris Priebe from SouthWest Airlines discussed high level details about why it’s important to conduct captive consulting and strategic planning. Topics included:

  • Review the Current State of Your Captive
  • Understand Analytics & Data
  • Use that Data to Make Future Plans
  • Strategize New Goals
  • Create Pathway to Achieve those Goals

Michael O’Malley, SVP & Managing Director – SRS Advisers
Mike is responsible for the delivery of SRS consulting services, including statistical loss and exposure analyses, feasibility studies, and financial analysis for captives and other types of risk financing programs.

Jesse Olsen, Director – SRS Advisers
As part of the SRS Advisers team, Jesse is responsible for delivering the firm’s captive consulting services in the central United States. Among other duties, he conducts feasibility studies, supports implementation, and provides strategic advice to help clients maximize utilization of existing captives. Jesse also provides thought leadership and education through regular involvement in various conferences and industry groups.

Derick White, Managing Director – SRS East – Your Host
Derick is Managing Director of SRS’s recently formed Governance, Risk and Compliance practice. In this role he is responsible for the development of governance and compliance services for captive clients and other insurance entities, and the oversight of the delivery of these services. Derick also maintains an active involvement in the captive management services provided to many of our clients domiciled in Vermont.

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