Captive Solutions to Strategic Challenges: Managing Asset Retirement Obligations in the Energy Industry

"OneNexus - Help us leave things better than we found them." 

Establishing a captive can be a unique solution to a challenge faced by its parent company. 

OneNexus Assurance™ is an Insured Financial Contract that provides funding for oil & gas decommissioning expenses. They have developed a solution to help the energy industry manage its asset retirement obligations, with the mindset that financial planning for AROs is essential to meeting Oil & Gas industry ESG commitments. 

View this webinar to hear directly from Tony Sanchez, the Founder & CEO at OneNexus Environmental, on the innovative solution that, together with their partners, have propelled OneNexus to become the trusted decommissioning solution. 

OneNexus Oklahoma Captive Corp (OOCC) was established for the sole purpose of collecting, managing, and distributing funds for Oil & Gas decommissioning liabilities. OOCC is a licensed and regulated insurance company, backstopped by the largest and highest-rated global reinsurance company, Munich Re, which has been in business for over 100 years. Subject to annual reviews by a state insurance regulatory agency (Oklahoma Insurance Department “OID”), OOCC is managed by a third-party captive insurance company manager (Strategic Risk Solutions). The third-party actuarial advisor, Milliman, Inc, is one of the world’s most established, independent risk management and actuarial science firm.

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