Corporate Governance for Captives – What’s Appropriate?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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Recording Date: Wednesday May 8, 2019


Captives are increasingly facing greater corporate governance requirements. But what is appropriate for captives? In this webinar we look at the requirements in different jurisdictions, the concept of proportionality and discuss best practices in corporate governance for captives.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Review of Solvency II requirements
  • NAIC corporate governance requirements and applicability to RRGs and captives
  • Other domicile provisions
  • Proportionality and what’s appropriate for captives
  • Analysis of current practices
  • Best practice recommendations

This webinar is suitable for existing and prospective captives in understanding the application of corporate governance standards to captives. 


Derick White, Managing Director of Corporate Governance and Regulation for Strategic Risk Solutions.  Derick has 30 years of insurance experience from the auditing, regulatory and management sides.  He is former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance for Vermont.  Derick serves on the Board of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association and is past President of the Society of Financial Examiners and the International Center for Captive Insurance Education.  He is also a former officer and board member of the National Association of Risk Retention Groups. 

Mary McMorrow, Associate Director, Strategic Risk Solutions (Europe) and head of European Governance, Risk and Compliance. Mary is responsible for the development and delivery of GRC services across the European practice. Mary was formerly a Compliance Officer for a French commercial insurer  She has spearheaded a Solvency II Narrative Reporting project and has implemented Solvency II requirements for a large number of European captives.

Andrew Hupman, Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions (Bermuda) is the moderator for the webinar.

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