Digital graph of Captive Insurance – State of the Market According to SRS

Captive Insurance – State of the Market According to SRS

Each year Business Insurance ® publishes it’s “Captive Managers and Domiciles Rankings & Directory.” This sought-after report highlights the top captive domiciles and captive managers in great detail, highlighting the number of captives per domicile and manager. Without divulging the specific details of the report, SRS experts gathered their thoughts based on this report and what they’re seeing in the captive industry today.

SRS’ Tempe Robins, Isabel Mettetal, Derek Bridgeman, Derick White, and Laura Rodrigo discussed the state of the captive market from their perspective. SRS is the fourth largest captive manager worldwide and our leaders have great insight into the captive industry from all corners of the globe.


Tempe Robins, Managing Director SRS West

Tempe is responsible for the management and oversight of a portfolio of single parent captives and risk retention groups domiciled in Arizona and other western US domiciles. Tempe oversees the implementation of the firm’s operating procedures across SRS West. Her portfolio of clients includes healthcare, energy, agriculture, construction, and recreation.

Isabel Mettetal, Director SRS Cayman

Isabel is a director of SRS Cayman. She is responsible for the management and supervision of client accounts, including financial and regulatory reporting and special assignments related to SRS’ captive management programs in the Cayman Islands.

Derek Bridgeman, Managing Director – SRS Europe

Derek is Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions (Europe) Limited and a member of the Board of Directors. He is responsible for developing and managing the firm’s consulting business in Europe, including the provision of captive feasibility studies, captive strategic reviews, technical consulting, and risk financing consulting studies.

Derick White, Managing Director – SRS East – Your Host
Derick is Managing Director of SRS’s recently formed Governance, Risk and Compliance practice. In this role he is responsible for the development of governance and compliance services for captive clients and other insurance entities, and the oversight of the delivery of these services. Derick also maintains an active involvement in the captive management services provided to many of our clients domiciled in Vermont.

Laura Rodrigo, Managing Director – SRS East

Laura is the Managing Director of the SRS East office and is responsible for the day-to-day management of our South Carolina captive insurance company clients, providing accounting, regulatory compliance, and general management services.

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