Using Emerging Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes

Wednesday October 23, 2019, 1pm EDT. In this health care focused webinar, we take a look at the use of emerging technologies in health care and their impact on the quality of patient outcomes.

The Role of Captives in Natural Catastrophe Programs

In this webinar, we take a look at the role of captives in natural catastrophe programs, as well as providing an overview of parametric insurance coverages compared to traditional property catastrophe programs.

Captives 101

This Webinar provides an introduction to captives by emphasizing the captive life cycle. The primer also covers the use of captives, including an overview of the many considerations that go into forming a captive.

Captives and Construction

As project values continue to increase, trades become more specialized, and new risks emerge, the construction industry has seen increased opportunities for captive utilization. How are captives responding to this challenge?

Captive Strategic Planning

As captives successfully solve the problems their parents or sponsors formed them to address, they invariably face questions about their on-going role. In this webinar we discuss the need for strategic planning for captives and present a structured and efficient approach to the exercise.

Corporate Governance for Captives – What’s Appropriate?

Captives are increasingly facing greater corporate governance requirements. In this webinar we look at the requirements in different jurisdictions, the concept of proportionality and discuss best practices in corporate governance for captives.

Captive Insurance Industry Review

2018 was a challenging year for captive insurance with an uncertain investment environment, continued tax scrutiny and consolidations among service providers. In our annual market update, we take a look at these and other trends affecting captives.

19 Captive Taxation Questions to Ask in ’19

As we head into a new year and take stock of the current tax landscape what tax questions should captive owners be asking? In this webinar we answer 19 questions for ’19 to address the critical tax issues for captive owners.

How Much Capital Do Captives Need?

Like all insurance companies, captives need capital to cover adverse events. Unlike commercial insurers, captives have a lower need for consumer protection against insolvency due to their parent ownership. So how much capital does a captive really need?

Medical Cost Containment Strategies for Captives

In the second of our two part series on Medical Stop Loss in Captives, we look at what can be done to control the costs of medical treatment and ensure that this is a successful line of coverage to be written by a captive.

Medical Stop Loss in Captives: The Latest Trends

One of the fastest growing areas in the captive insurance industry has been the use of captives to insure medical stop loss. In this webinar, we take a look at the growing trend and considerations when adding this line of coverage or developing a group program.

Managing Captive Performance

What makes a captive successful? In this webinar we look at the key determinant of captive success – claims costs and specifically beating your loss pick. Using a case study, we show how to use loss scorecards and other analytics to not only measure performance but to drive safety and loss prevention behavior.

The Basics of Captives

This primer on captive insurance will provide you with essential information to understand the use of captives, including the what, when and how of captives. The webinar will answer key questions about the basics of captives

Health Checking Your Captive

With changes in captive legislation, tax reform, and fluctuating commercial market conditions, does your captive strategy still make sense? In this webinar we look at the key strategic and operational questions to be addressed as part of a health-check of your captive.

2018 – The State of the Captive Insurance Market

2017 was a pivotal year for the captive insurance industry with continued scrutiny on 831(b) captives and the passage of US tax reform at the end of the year. In this webinar we take a look at the trends in the captive industry and growth by sector and domicile.

The Changing Tax Landscape and the Implications for Captives

In December 2017, Congress passed the most significant tax overhaul for 30 years,. How does it affect captives? In this webinar we look at the key aspects of the tax reform bill and the implications for captives

Cyber Risk and Captives

High profile data breaches at Equifax and Uber continue to highlight the growing cyber liability and related risks facing many organizations. In this webinar we review the state of the commercial market for cyber insurance and evaluate the role of captives.

The Effective Use of Protected Cell Companies

This webinar presents how a Protected Cell Captive (PCC) can be used to create a cost effective use of capital, stream line set up and implementation of the captive business plan.

The Use of Captives in the Construction Industry

The construction industry faces some unique risk exposures and different project-based contractual relationships. This can create challenges for the commercial insurance market. In this webinar we take an in-depth look at the construction industry and the use of captives.

The Role of Actuaries in Captives

Understanding loss projections can be confusing for captive officers, directors and owners who do not have an insurance background. In this webinar we explain what an actuary does, what to look for in an actuarial report and the key considerations in setting loss reserves.

Reputation Risk and Captives

Financial losses resulting from reputational damage have skyrocketed according to recent research. In this webinar we look at the use of captives to fund reputation risk from a supporting role to commercial insurance products to a central strategic role aligning the protection of an organization’s reputation to executive compensation.

2017 – A Pivotal Year for the Captive Market

2017 promises to be a critical year for the captive insurance industry. In our annual market update we explore these developing trends and report on activity in 2016.

Lessons from the Avrahami Case

The captive industry has been eagerly awaiting the outcome of Avrahami vs Commissioner, the first 831(b) captive insurance case litigated in US Tax Court. After a ruling in favor of the IRS, what does this mean for the captive industry? In this webinar we take a broad look at the implications for the captive industry as a whole.

Captive Strategic Planning – Evaluating New Coverages

Medical stop loss, cyber, reputational risk – what are the latest uses of captives? In this webinar we look at the new coverages mature captives are underwriting and the strategic planning process they are using to evaluate them.

Corporate Governance for Captives

With greater scrutiny of captives, many captives are re-examining their corporate governance practices. In this webinar we review the need for a corporate governance framework and discuss best practices for governance in both a single parent and group captive setting.