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"We’ve developed a comprehensive array of ART solutions for the sophisticated risk management needs of today’s businesses. From Structured (Re)Insurance, designed to provide financial stability and flexibility, to Parametric Insurance, offering rapid response to predefined risk events, our solutions are built on understanding our clients’ needs and applying our structuring expertise.

We recognize the importance of adapting to market dynamics and client needs, ensuring our offerings remain at the forefront of the industry."

—Jan Bachmann, CUO
Jan Bachmann
Jan Bachmann, Senior Structurer, Chief Underwriting Officer
Jan Bachmann
Jan Bachmann, Senior Structurer, Chief Underwriting Officer

Structured (Re)Insurance

SRS Altitude’s Structured Reinsurance solutions are designed to offer businesses a way to manage their risks with greater confidence and precision.
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Parametric (Re)Insurance

Parametric solutions by SRS Altitude represent a modern approach to insurance, offering objective, fast-acting financial relief based on predefined criteria.
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Structured (Re)Insurance

Structured (Re)Insurance solutions are designed to manage a corporate’s insurable risks more comprehensively and efficiently, attaching behind a captive or also direct.

Our approach considers the diverse and often longer-term nature of exposures as well as needs for the client’s financial planning and predictability of financial performance.

By utilizing tried and tested coverage building blocks and risk financing mechanisms, we ensure optimal risk transfer and risk retention.

Financial Stability through Tailored Programs
Customized reinsurance solutions aimed at mitigating financial volatility and enhancing predictability.

Innovative Structuring for Risk Transfer
Utilizing proven alternative structures to optimize risk transfer and retention management.

Real-World Experience
Demonstrated through various case studies, showcasing the impacts of our structured (Re)Insurance solutions.

Structured (Re)Insurance in PracticeStructured Insurance in Practice
Roy Baumann
Roy Baumann
Senior Structurer, Head Casualty & Finpro
Marco Adamo
Marco Adamo
Senior Structurer, Head Property
Marco Carrara
Marco Carrara, Head Parametric

Parametric Insurance

As simple as a formula “A times B”, parametric solutions take complexity out of traditional insurance and make it more efficient.

A modern approach to insurance, offering objective, fast-acting financial relief based on reliable data and unambiguously predefined payout criteria.

By employing advanced data analytics and modeling, Altitude designs parametric solutions that are optimized for accuracy and responsiveness.

Rapid Response to Risk Events
Fast, predetermined payouts to minimize recovery time.

Data-Driven Customization
Solutions tailored using precise data analytics and risk modeling.

Efficiency in Risk Management
Streamlining the claims process to enable immediate support when it's most needed.

Parametrics in Practice

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