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SRS Employee Lends a Hand to BWB

March 23, 2022

Lending A Hand to Burners Without Borders

Recently SRS’ Matt Griffes, of our West Captive Management team, participated in painting the seawall through the Galveston chapter of Burners Without Borders, who according to their website, is a volunteer-driven, community leadership organization whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities  to solve problems that bring about meaningful change.   

According to Matt, painting the seawall not only improves the aesthetics of the beaches in Galveston, but it also helps to protect the seawall from erosion. The artwork is also intended to raise awareness of ecological issues. This specific one shown here encourages “leave no trace” practices at the beach. Matt has also helped with another one that focuses on the diversity of marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. A professional artist will sketch out the design and volunteers like Matt “paint by number”. The group also accepts donations of paint and brushes for the project. “It’s a lot of fun, there is music, people bring food and drinks to share,” said Matt. “It’s a party on the beach for a cause.”

For more information about Burners Without Borders you can find their website here. Check out a chapter that’s local to you today. Great work Matt!

Contact: Sandra St. Onge

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