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This stands true for our staff, partners, & especially our clients. We value excellence, collaboration, innovation, & integrity, holding ourselves to the highest standard in everything we do.
To continue meeting the ever evolving needs of our clients, we have put together a list of additional services for your viewing. Our intention is to provide you, our clients, with the option of a tailored white glove service that maximizes your captives highest potential in the hands of people you can trust.
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"It has been a pleasure to work with the entire SRS team for many years." 

- Client Survey, SRS 2024

"I greatly appreciate the flexibility of the SRS Team to adapt to the needs of our organization which continues to grow in  size and complexity." 

- Client Survey, SRS 2024


Business Plan: Expansion, Filing of Business Plan, & Approval Requests
Growth often requires expansion into new areas of risk. SRS conducts feasibility studies for business plan expansion and manages the necessary
approval requests, aiding in the seamless growth of your risk management capabilities. This service is crucial for businesses seeking to scale responsibly while managing new risks effectively. This will come after the strategic review if they decide to make changes to the program. SRS facilitates the filing of business plan changes, ensuring that your risk management strategy remains aligned with your current business operations and objectives. This service is crucial for maintaining the relevance and efficacy of your risk mitigation efforts, providing the flexibility to respond to market shifts or internal developments swiftly. Any domicile and any captive can take advantage of this service. This is the submission to the regulatory body of the domicile for approval of the plan.
Conducting Feasibility Studies for New Lines of Coverage: Capital Adequacy Calculations & Negotiations
Exploring new lines of coverage is a strategic move that requires thorough
analysis and expert insight. SRS conducts comprehensive feasibility studies, providing a detailed evaluation of potential new coverages and their alignment with your organization’s risk profile. This proactive approach is instrumental in uncovering opportunities to enhance your risk protection while maintaining financial viability. Ensuring that your organization meets regulatory requirements for capital adequacy is a complex yet critical task. SRS navigates this terrain by calculating capital adequacy and negotiating collateral requirements and dividend requests with regulators. This service not only ensures regulatory compliance but also enhances financial efficiency. Any domicile and any captive can take advantage of this service.
Collateral Analyses & Requests
High-level collateral analyses for the current year are part of our audit reporting service provided by your captive management services agreement. But for any captive with fronting reinsurance, taking a deeper dive and reviewing claims from previous years can help you to understand the amount of collateral needed to ensure liquidity to pay dividends. Captives need liquidity so they can pay dividends to their membership. This type of review may help with tax efficiency and members getting underwriting profits back. 
Strategic Planning for Your Captive
Long-term success in risk management is built on solid strategic planning. SRS offers strategic planning services for captive insurance entities, crafting a roadmap for the captive’s growth and evolution. This service emphasizes the foresight and strategic thinking necessary to navigate the complexities of running a captive insurer. Whether an existing SRS client, self-managed, or with another insurance company manager, SRS expert Advisers would happy to review your captive and discuss any questions you may have regarding the long-term planning of your captive.
Monthly Loss Scorecards & Loss Data Analytics
Data is a critical asset in measuring and understanding risk. SRS provides monthly loss scorecards and sophisticated loss data analytics, offering actionable insights that drive decision-making. This datacentric service is vital for ongoing risk assessment and for shaping informed, data-driven risk management policies. Dynamic dashboards and KPIs give you a clear understanding of how your captive is performing.
Re-domestication Evaluation & Coordination
As businesses evolve, so may the optimal domicile for your risk management entities. SRS offers evaluation and coordination services for re-domestication, managing the intricate process of changing domiciles with expertise and strategic oversight. This is part of the Strategic Review process. But can also be done as a one-off. The actual, physical move is a complete separate engagement.
Program Management & Underwriting Services
Designed to oversee and implement all aspects of your risk management strategy, SRS’ comprehensive program management and underwriting services ensure that your risk management program is executed with precision, tailored to your specific needs, and is backed by SRS’s industry-leading expertise. 
Data Cleansing of Loss Runs for Actuarial Reports
Accuracy in data is paramount for reliable actuarial analysis. SRS’s data cleansing service ensures that loss runs are accurate and comprehensive, laying a solid foundation for the compilation of actuarial reports. This meticulous attention to data integrity is a cornerstone of effective risk management and financial planning. Should you have an actuarial service provider outside of SRS, we can work with them to ensure the accuracy of the data.
Captive 360
Maximize your captive’s potential with SRS’s Captive 360°, a unique approach to strategic planning. This service provides the tools and insights to extract more value from your captive’s operations. Captive 360° is a positive disruptor to help you get more out of your captive, regardless of type. Key Benefits of Captive 360°:

•Expert Analysis: Analyze your captive’s operations, identifying key opportunities for
enhanced value with our seasoned facilitators.
• Focused Action Plan: Receive a clear, actionable plan within 30-45 days, crafted
using our proprietary tools, designed for immediate impact.
• Time-Efficient Sessions: Your time is valuable. Optimize for maximum efficiency and
effectiveness with five structured sessions.
• Accountable Implementation: Initiatives are assigned leaders for focused execution,
ensuring measurable progress.
• Quantifiable ROI: Track the success of implemented actions with clear ROI metrics.
SRS Actuarial Services
SRS actuarial services can offer a range of solutions, suited to your specific needs and domicile requirements. We work with non-life or commercial captives, (re)insurance companies and organizations and are a team of experts to support you with data cleansing, report generation, and loss reserves analysis for European clients domiciled in Europe, Bermuda, Cayman, and Barbados. Working closely with your brokers, underwriters, and insurance managers, our experts deliver tailored actuarial services based on your business needs. How we set you up for success:

• Robust and sophisticated approach
• Insight from data analytics
• Powerful modelling capabilities
• Evaluation of alternative risk strategies
• Insight to support board decisions
• Tailored results and communication

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SRS is the world’s largest independent insurance company manager. With over 25 years of experience, SRS provides management and consulting services to a wide range of insurance company entities, from single parent captives to complex commercial insurers and reinsurers. SRS has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Latin America, and South Africa.
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