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2023 Vision: Captive Insurance Industry

2023 Vision: Captive Insurance Industry

2023 Vision: Captive Insurance Industry Join us for a webinar on the outlook for the Captive Insurance industry in 2023. Presenters from the three largest captive insurance associations, VCIA, CICA, and NRRA, will join us for a thoughtful and informal discussion on: Goals for the Industry In-person conferences make a comeback! Lobbying efforts - Now & Later Membership info for you ESG...

SRS: “Going Green-Captives”

How can the captive industry adapt to the developing impact of climate change and adopt measures to mitigate impact to their shareholders, themselves, and the natural environment?  One can separate the green equation for captives into three distinct but overlapping areas: the underwriting portfolio; the investment portfolio and corporate governance. There is an assumption that most captives are...

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2021 Customer Satisfaction

Survey Results

Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) undertakes an annual survey of clients to gauge satisfaction with the firm’s services and to identify areas for improvement. The 2021 survey was conducted in January 2022. We are publishing the results of the survey for the benefit of current and future clients.

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