Your Career Path at SRS

SRS is an independently-owned company offering you significant opportunities for to pursue a career in captive insurance. Here you’ll be part of a collaborative and collegiate working environment.

Why Captive Insurance

Captive management is primarily an accounting function and attracts individuals with an accounting background or education. Yet most accountants or accounting grads have never heard of captive insurance, let alone considered a career in the industry. Why choose this field? Captive insurance offers an accounting career with more diversity than you will find in the accounting department of a large organization. There is significant client interaction and what a group of clients. Captive owners are typically entrepreneurs who have been successful enough to grow a business to the size that it can form its own insurance company or participate in a group captive. These will be your clients and they will come from a variety of industries with a wealth of successful business experience.

Tired of auditing? Captive management can match the diversity of auditing but in a more predictable work environment. It also provides more hands on experience where you are actually running the financial operation of your client company not just reviewing it.

Not an Accountant

Maybe you found your way here intrigued by the “insurance” part of captive insurance. We have opportunities for you too. Our consulting group recruits financial analysts and insurance professionals to work on feasibility studies, strategic reviews and technical insurance services such as underwriting and policy drafting. If that sounds like you, we may have opportunities with our consulting group, SRS Advisers.

Why SRS?

Unlike many of our competitors, captives are all we do. This is not an ancillary service supporting a different core business. At SRS our captive insurance professionals are at the center of the firm and all our compensation programs are geared towards them. If you perform you will be rewarded.

SRS is also privately owned. We don’t have shareholder pressures as publicly owned managers might or those owned by venture capitalists. That means we can do what is right for our clients and reward the staff who deliver superior service to our clients. Our intention is to stay privately owned which means there be opportunities for employee share ownership. If you have decided on captive insurance as a career, we believe we offer a unique opportunity for you.