About Us

Whether helping with capital optimization, expansion advisories, or innovatively structuring commercial and alternative market insurance, we lead with trust and quality.

We Do

SRS provides client-focused management and consulting services to the insurance and alternative risk financing industry. We have built an industry-leading position in the US, Europe, and offshore captive insurance market, providing services to

• Single parent captives
• Cell captives
• Group captives
• Risk retention groups

In recent years, we’ve expanded our scope of operations

to additional domiciles, commercial insurance and reinsurance companies, ILS vehicles, and investment funds.
Beyond our core services, we’re recognized for blending top-tier insurance management with expert consulting. Our technical and analytical services empower our clients’ underwriting capabilities and fortify their strategic footprints.
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Our Mission and Vision

We empower businesses to control and leverage risk with tailored and flexible coverage.

We’re driven to help businesses mitigate risks, minimize surprises, and gain more control over claims and costs.

We aim to redefine the global insurance industry by setting the standard for innovation, trust, and client success. We envision a future where businesses everywhere operate with confidence, fully equipped to turn risks into strategic advantages.

Our History

SRS was formed in 1993 on the belief insurance management is about more than keeping books and records. It’s about keeping trust.

Consistency in delivering top-tier services and exceeding client expectations has been our hallmark since inception. This commitment led us to develop processes audited under SSAE18 for our insurance management services.

Having had a unique position as an independently owned entity helped us foster collaborations across the insurance spectrum. Our history primed us for partnership, and we always value the relationships we share with partners and clients.

Who We Are

Our greatest asset is our people.
The client experience we can provide is due to the dedication, expertise, and depth of our account teams.

We prioritize bringing on board the industry’s most seasoned insurance professionals. Many within our ranks are shareholders, reinforcing a client-centric culture where the interests of our team mirror those we work with.
Beyond our commitment to our people and clients, we pride ourselves on being innovative leaders within the industry.
We are the first insurance manager to complete SSAE18 reviews on insurance management services across all domiciles. Through SSAE 18 reviews and other quality management initiatives, we strive to enhance our control environment.
We have pioneered creative design approaches in commercial and alternative market insurance structures.
Our innovative and strategic solutions ensure our clients always benefit from the best the industry offers.

2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

At SRS, we believe in continuously refining our services based on client feedback.

Every year, we reach out to our clients to understand their satisfaction levels and areas where we can improve.

We conducted our 2023 survey in January 2024, which you can view below. As part of our commitment to being a trusted partner, we publish these results for the benefit of current and future clients.


Meet Our Leaders

Ron Sulisz SRS President Captive Insurance

Ron Sulisz

Brady Young

Brady Young

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