Recording Date: Tuesday June 25, 2019


Most captives are established to solve specific problems for their parents. As they successfully meet those goals and generate surplus, they invariably face questions about their on-going role and where else they may add value. Addressing these questions on a regular basis as part of the captive’s strategic plan is a healthy process and ensures that the captive remains current in achieving its goals for the parent or sponsor. In this webinar we discuss the scope of the strategic planning process and present a structured and efficient approach to the exercise.

Topics covered include:

  • Strategic planning & execution best practices
  • Building goals, aligning them with actions
  • Identifying opportunities and risks

The webinar will present a new approach to captive strategic planning. It is suitable for all captive owners and anyone looking to improve the strategic process for captives. 


Jesse Olsen, Director, Strategic Risk Solutions.  Jesse is responsible for delivering the firm’s captive consulting services primarily in the western United States. Among other duties, he conducts feasibility studies, supports implementation, and provides strategic advice to help clients maximize utilization of existing captives. Jesse has been in the risk financing and captive consulting since 2006. Prior to insurance, he was in the investment banking industry.

Jim Knapp, COO & Director of Facilitation, Lightstance LLC. Jim is focused on developing a facilitation network for Lightstance. He has been facilitating classes as a certified Dale Carnegie instructor for seven years. Jim has 20 years of experience driving sales growth and production improvements in manufacturing and technology focused firms serving the aerospace, defense, nuclear energy & science, space, automotive, chemical/food/pharma processing, and plastic processing industries.

Brady Young, President and CEO of Strategic Risk Solutions, is the moderator for the webinar.