Captive Insurers and Outsourcing: Ensuring Good Governance

April 2019. In this article written for Captive Review, Mary McMorrow, head of Governance Services Europe at SRS Europe, provides some useful tips on governance considerations for captive insurers outsourcing services under Solvency II conditions.

Survey on Governance Regulation and Governance in Captives

In late 2018 SRS in conjunction with IRMI organized a corporate governance survey to determine what kind of corporate governance some captive insurers, risk retention groups (RRGs), and risk pools have in place. In this article Derick White provides an objective write-up of the survey findings.

Three tenets of corporate governance your captive board needs to practice – and why

April 16 2019. In this article Derick White explains that a captive insurer’s board of directors must fulfill its duty of care to policyholders, but going above and beyond compliance can help it achieve its key business objectives.

The Captive Industry Is Amazingly Resilient

January 11, 2019. In this article written for, Brady Young reflects on the captive insurance industry in 2018 and looks head to the coming year. He rates 2018 as one of the most challenging in the past 30 years but the industry has shown its resilience.

RRG Trends and Current Issues

September, 2018. In this article written for Captive Insurance Company Reports, Derick White shares his thoughts on managing risk retention groups (RRGs) and some of the current trends and issues affecting RRGs.

Governance, risk and compliance: optimising your captive’s strategy

October 9, 2018. In this article in Captive International, Derick White and Stuart King of Strategic Risk Solutions, discuss the corporate governance requlations in US, European and offshore domiciles and how they apply to captives.

Group Employee Benefit Captives – All Grown Up

October 1, 2018. While many will debate when the first group employee benefits captive (a.k.a. group medical stop loss captive) was formed, there is no disputing the exponential growth in the use of captives to allow small and mid-size employers to partially self-insure and share a layer of medical stop loss risk in a captive.