Captive Management

SRS is the world’s leading independent captive manager bringing a depth of resources and consistent standards to our global operations. Yet we execute on a local basis through a network of local offices staffed by the leading captive professionals in their regions. Our captive management operations are organized regionally and staffed at the local level.

US Domiciles

We manage captives in all leading US domiciles operating through two regional US business units.

SRS East manages captives domiciled in the eastern United States.  The business is headquartered in Vermont, where we have been managing captives since the early 1990s and are the largest independent manager in the domicile. We also have a physical presence in Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; and Charleston, SC. In addition to those domiciles our SRS East team manages captives in Delaware, New Jersey, Alabama and Georgia.

SRS West manages captives in domiciles in the western United States. The business and is based in Scottsdale, AZ with satellite offices in Hawaii and Texas. SRS West also manages captives in Missouri, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada and Montana.

International Domiciles

SRS Barbados manages captives and other international businesses domiciled in Barbados. SRS entered the Barbados market in 2017 with the acquisition of CGE Group a leading independent management company, which has been in operation in Barbados since 2003.

SRS Bermuda manages captives and several commercial reinsurers domiciled in Bermuda. We have been managing captives in Bermuda for over 20 years with a continuous physical presence in the domicile during that time. In 2020, SRS expanded its operations in Bermuda, with the acquisition of Dyna Management Services, another leading independent manager headquartered in Bermuda.

SRS Cayman manages captives domiciled in Cayman. SRS has been managing captives in Cayman with a physical presence in the domicile since 2003. We are currently the second largest manager in Cayman and the largest independent.

SRS Europe was launched in 2017 to manage consulting and management operations in European domiciles and for European captive owners. Our European operations are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Guernsey, Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

customer survey results

SRS conducts an annual survey of clients to gauge satisfaction with the firm’s services and to identify areas for improvement. Customers are consistently satisfied or very satisfied with our services.

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