Helping Clients Succeed

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Our success is dependent on our clients’ success. We don’t believe it is good enough to just keep a captive’s books and records. We want our clients to succeed and we have developed specific services to help them succeed.

Benchmarking and Ratio Analysis

Many captive owners want to know how their captives are doing? We answer this question through the use of benchmarking and ratio analysis. We also evaluate captives against maturity models to assess the appropriateness of activities given the captive’s stage of development.

Loss Analyses

The success of a captive is usually dependent on its loss experience. We use our analytic resources to develop loss scorecards and cause of loss reports to allow captive owners to proactively manage loss costs to ensure actual experience is below funded levels.

Program Management

We provide data management, pricing, allocation, policy issuance and premium rating services for existing captives. We also provide analytic services in support of reinsurance, collateral and fronting negotiations and marketing services to support the growth of our captive clients.

Captive Development

Like other organizations captives mature and develop beyond their original missions. We take a lifecycle approach helping the captive maximize the value it provides to its owners at any stage in its development. That may include expansion opportunities or options to shut down all or part of a captive’s operations. Our services include strategic reviews, re-domestications, operational reviews, re-feasibilities and run-off.

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